The 12th year of the international competition and exhibition of mass and kosher wine Velehrad 16th November 2019

Velehrad is the biggest place of pilgrimage in Moravia and has been a meeting point of cultures of east and west for centuries. The culture of east was brought by St Cyrill and Methodius who came to Moravia in 863. The culture of west was developed by the monks of Cistercian order who were active there between 1205 and 1784.

One of the reasons why Matice velehradská that takes care of the general development of this place of pilgrimage arranges such an exhibition and competition is the fact that cistercian monks were those who started growing wine there.

The main aim of this event is to support the production and sale of inland and external Mass and Kosher wines and deepening of the trade and social relationships between producers, traders and consumers. By organizing this event we would like to contribute to knowledge of different cultures.

The previous years got great acclaim not only among specialists but also among the lay public. Except for inland wines, almost 70 samples of Mass or Kosher wines from Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, France, Israel, Palestine, Spain, Greece, Creete or Slovenia took part in the competition.

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